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Having a winter wedding in NL. Photographer tips and tricks

 Newfoundland Winter Wedding Survival Guide.  Consider some of these tips for winter wedding photography in NL

  • There is less daylight so if you plan on outdoor photography makes sure that you allow 1.5-2 hours before 3:30 in the afternoon.  Booking your ceremony early in the day will allow for this time needed.  Perhaps make your ceremony for 1:00 or so in the afternoon.
  • Plan for some indoor photography at a great location.  Or plan to have your whole event indoors and get some great backdrops set up for family photos.
  • If you do plan to be outside make sure that you have coats and boots with you.  In between photo groups you will want to stay warm.
  • Rent a party bus.  You can always take some photos inside and also get warmed up if taking photos outdoors.
  • Fur and faux fur can add to the flare of your wedding attire, while adding warmth and comfort.
  • Bring a thermos of warm drinks---like spiced and spiked apple cider.
  • If you are adventerous make your winter wedding photography fun by taking some photos in the snow
  • Remember that there is lots of ice in Newfoundland in the winter, take care to select locations that are easy for elderly family member to get to.
  • Bring lipstick, vaseline, chap stick....keep your lips kissable!!
  • Sexy, vintage gloves