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My footprint
Did you know that I am a wedding photographer who cares about the environment?  Products and services I provide aim to have a positive environmental impact.

Buying locally in Newfoundland, printing local and shopping in Canada all help to keep Pictures by Sally LeDrew a green company.  We must all take some responsibility for caring for the planet.  Here are some of the things that I do to keep the environment healthy.

  • Shop local for as many business items as I can. 
  • All my prints are printed locally at Newfoundland Canvas.  
  • Recycle all my batteries.
  • Take all my garbage from photo booths home and recycle the packaging and ink.
  • Shoot in natural light as often as possible. (limiting additional battery and electricity use)
  • Purchase online education instead of traveling to workshops.  Online education is awesome today.
  • Professional equipment purchases.  Buying the best products eliminates re buying and trashing inferior products